Recover Missing ETH from your Metamask Wallet

If you have your recovery phrase, but cannot see your coins after restoring in Metamask.

Many users are shocked to see a zero balance and missing funds on their Metamask wallet, after restoring it from their secret recovery phrase.

You think you have been hacked, but a simpler reason could be that you are just looking at the wrong account.

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallets like Metamask can map a single recovery phrase to multiple accounts on multiple blockchains. This application scans major blockchains to identifies addresses with an active balance that correspond to your secret phrase. If found, this allows you to recover your missing money.

How to recover my missing funds?
  • 1: Find all your accounts using your secret phrase
  • 2: Add each to Metamask, using the private keys shown
  • 3: Transfer out any recovered funds, for safety

Is it safe?
You must never reveal your secret recovery phrase to anyone. If recoverable funds are identified you must immediately transfer them to a new account for safety.

Should I trust this application?
You don't need to. This app is open-source; you can inspect the source code or download and run this on your own computer.
Where do you want to look for your coins
Enter your secret recovery phrase or mnemonic to recover your accounts.